Skagit County, with its rural setting and natural beauty, has attracted dozens of artists in all mediums. Below you will find profiles about artists that I feel offer something unique.

Gene Oates

A Musical Journey

Gene’s musical journey has spanned over 60 years. Along the way he has embraced rock, country, blues, and jazz, and played with rock bands, jazz quartets, acapella groups, and big bands. Throughout the journey he has sought new experiences and new challenges. The journey continues.

Jennifer Bowman

Vivid colors, iconic Northwest subjects, and an impressionist style. These are the hallmarks of the paintings created by local artist Jennifer Bowman.

Stuart Welch

Wood Craftsman and Artist

It’s rare to find an individual that combines craftsmanship, creativity, and an artistic eye. Stuart Welch has been doing just that since the 70s through his handcrafted wood furniture. For more information:

Bob Williams

Fine art and

handpainted mugs

Bob Williams was best known for his hand painted mugs, but was an accomplished fine artist. Bob passed away in 2017.